Take complexity out and put simple in

We are dedicated to demystifying finance and put it to work — through The Visual Language of Finance®

Due to the lack of financial acumen, the financial information available doesn’t provide full value to non-financial people (e.g., Sales, Sourcing, Managers, & Leaders). That means that many critical business decisions are taken based on incomplete information, which could result in missing valuable opportunities or even worse, hurt the organization.

The Visual Language of Finance®

Cognitive research shows that visualization makes the uptake of new skills easier, faster and more consisting. Basically, it goes back to the way that our brains are wired, why a picture tells more than a thousand words (or numbers). The visual approach opens the subject of finance to all, not only to the number crunchers.


Learning has to be engaging and fun. If your day of learning ends up in a headache, you completely missed the mark. Gamification is a sure way to make people learn with a smile. We use tangible business games, as a part of the learning experience, to get a chance to learn from own experience, success and failure. 


If you’re looking for a traditional lecturer to tell you all about finance, you're probably not looking for us. We believe in interactivity and experiencing finance yourself, rather than listen to someone just talking. Regardless of the distribution channel, the Bonanza learning experience is interactive, simple and fun.

Holistic approach

Everyone who took finance in the university knows that the traditional approach is from detail and up. We believe that the right way to go is the opposite, from the holistic view and down to detail. To know where the different pieces fit into the larger picture creates both relevance and confidence.



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