The Internal Perspective

"Engagement" and "Finance" are words that you rarely hear in the same sentence. You have probably attended one or two financial presentations that totally missed the mark. Our promise to you and your organization is; "A New Perspective on Finance". But what does it mean?

All businesses and organizations consist of people…. and it’s what the employees do that defines how the business performs. The right people who focus on the right things will deliver the right numbers. However in order to do the right thing they need to understand how they can influence the finances of the business. It’s often here the problem starts.

The financial reports and ratios are most often designed by and for financial professionals. For non-finance managers (i.e. the operational managers) these financial reports can be close to incomprehensible and, therefore, they miss the target. The problem occurs when the reports are not seen as key indicators but “as an administrative burden that gets in the way of my daily work”.

But this is quite easy to change. The Visual Language of Finance® challenges the traditional way of communicating finance and business. The approach enables all people involved in the business to understand how everything is connected. The approach sets resources and capacity free, regardless of whether it is a commercial enterprise or a non-profit organization. To make it possible you have to be prepared to challenge the traditional methods and solutions, dare to simplify and think differently!