The External Perspective

There are many situations in daily business life where financial confidence is needed. Here are a few examples: 

Sales professionals need to be confident to articulate and discuss the financial value of their solutions and products. When sales professionals are able to move the discussion away from the products and onto the clients' financial drivers and pain points, the interest of the product increases. Extending the conversation with financial impact is the key to meet quota and shorten the sales cycle. And we all know that short conversations rarely produce any sales...

Sourcing professionals have to ensure that the price and conditions meet the requirements. They must also make sure that the supplier will be able to fulfill their commitment as a breach in the supply chain will hurt the production for a long time. Understanding the suppliers business and financial situation is needed in order to identify the risks and challenges.

Financial advisors in the accounting and banking sectors are constantly searching for ways come closer to the clients, to be a Business Partner for their corporate clients. For a banker, that means that the advisory part of the delivery becomes a central issue. Adding value through improved communication and visibility beats price discussions and discounts, any day of the week!